What is the difference between ceramic coating and foil? Which form of security is better?

PPF foils and ceramic coatings are two completely different solutions and it is very difficult to compare them. PPF foils are certainly the most advanced solution at the moment, which actually protects against mechanical damage (scratches, chips) and external factors that negatively affect the appearance of the paint (pits from bird droppings, tree deposits, “water spots”, etc.) Another advantage is that the foils improve the appearance of the vehicle (by giving the paint glassiness and depth) and make it easier to keep it clean. Unfortunately, the advanced technology of the product and the method of application, which requires appropriate training and experience, result in a high price.

Ceramic coatings, on the other hand, are in liquid form; when applied in appropriate conditions, the layers create a colorless protective coating on the paint, which improves the appearance of the paint and has very good hydrophobic properties. Unfortunately, “ceramics” will not protect the vehicle against mechanical damage, but it will work great against other harmful factors such as UV radiation, bird droppings, tree dust, etc. Due to the different technology and easier application, this solution is cheaper than foils. PPF.

What is the service life of CarbonQ products?

The actual service life of security products depends on many factors, such as annual mileage or methods and frequency of maintenance. We provide a 10-year warranty on our PPF films against yellowing, discoloration or cracking. CarbonQ 10H is one of the best and most durable coatings on the market with a service life of up to 5 years. CarbonQ 9H has been designed for slightly shorter protection, up to 3 years.

Can I secure the vehicle on my own?

In general, we advise against any type of security on your own. Although the CarbonQ 9H coating is intended for retail sale and anyone can purchase it, it should be remembered that in order for it to fulfill its purpose, it must be prepared and applied by an experienced person with appropriate skills. CarbonQ 10H, in turn, is a product available only to Certified Applicators. The application of PPF foil is definitely the most difficult and requires special skill, knowledge and experience, which makes it impossible to apply it correctly by an unskilled person.

Does the car have to be new/can re-painted elements be protected?

Both new and used cars can be secured. Please note that in the latter case, appropriate preparation is necessary. Elements after all types of paint repairs can be protected with ceramic coatings. Application of foil is also possible, but please remember that such installation is not covered by the warranty, and during possible disassembly, problems with peeling paint may occur.

Will the foil/coating be visible?

A properly applied ceramic coating is 100% invisible and transparent. When it comes to PPF films, the method of application (using forms or boards) and the appropriate preparation of the varnish are important. Properly performed installation on the entire element should be virtually invisible to the naked eye.

What elements can be secured?

Both PPF foils and coatings can be used to protect all painted, piano black, carbon and reflector elements.

Can the foil peel off after application?

Properly installed PPF film cannot peel off. If this situation occurs, it is usually due to improper use (e.g. tearing when washing with too high pressure) or incorrect application.

How to take care of a secured vehicle?

In the case of vehicles protected with ceramic coatings, the issue of current car cosmetics is very important. We recommend visits to our Certified Applicators. However, the most important thing is to avoid automatic and brush car washes. To ensure the longest possible durability, appropriate accessories and cosmetics with a harmless pH should be used for washing. Once a year, a visit to a Certified Applicator is required, where the coating will be cleaned and possibly supplemented. For vehicles covered with foil, automatic and brush car washes should also be avoided. When washing, remember not to place the gun too close to the edge of the foil. Synthetic waxes or dedicated ceramic coatings, e.g. CarbonQ 9H, can be additionally applied to PPF foils.

Can the ceramic foil/coating be removed later?

Our PPF films are, of course, removable. The condition for trouble-free removal is a high-quality product, installed correctly and on the original paint. The ceramic coating can also be removed from the paint. Since these services are quite complicated and time-consuming, we recommend that they be performed by companies with appropriate experience and equipment.

Where can I perform security services?

A list of our Certified Applicators can be found here. Please contact your nearest point directly or fill out the form.

Do you organize training?

Yes, we organize training related to broadly understood car detailing and wrapping. If you are interested, please contact us.

How can I become a Certified Applicator or Distributor?

If you are interested in cooperation, please contact us.

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