PPF CarbonQ training

The training is conducted under the supervision of a professional trainer, Mariusz 'Baton' Zmarzlik, who has many years of experience in the field of wrapping, PPF application and broadly understood detailing. We know perfectly well that practice is the most important thing, which is why we focus on it 100% during our training. We discuss theory during classes.

During the course, we devote all our attention to the students for whom we are constantly available. The training day lasts 8 hours. During the course, we take proper care of the participants by serving them lunch, which is included in the price. It is also worth emphasizing that we do not limit in any way the amount of exercise material used. We will provide you with as much PPF film as you need.

  • No limits of PPF
  • Professional trainer, Mariusz 'Baton' Zmarzlik
  • An unforgettable atmosphere
  • Post-training support
  • Meal and drinks included in the training price
  • CarbonQ Expert certification


Mariusz is a person with extensive experience, both in protecting cars with PPF foil and wrapping in general. He runs his own business, MGP Wrap, where he protects his clients' cars every day. There's hardly a car he hasn't wrapped yet. And if there are any, we can count them on the fingers of one hand. During training, he is extremely patient and calm. True to its nature, it focuses on 100% practical exercises, where theory is discussed during the course.

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For whom?

The course program has been prepared for beginners who want to start their adventure with the application of PPF foil and installers who want to expand and supplement their knowledge in this field. During the training, you will learn the principles and techniques of work, learn what products to use depending on the type of job, and learn how to properly apply the foil on various elements of the vehicle.

For people without experience

People without any experience will gain the necessary knowledge during our training, which will allow them to start their adventure in the world of PPF and immediately introduce securing small elements in their studio.

For beginners

People with little experience, just like beginners, will gain and develop solid foundations that will allow them to implement PPF protective film protection services in their studio.

For installers who want to improve

Our training is also dedicated to those who deal with PPF film protection on a daily basis. More advanced participants will have the opportunity to develop their technique on more demanding elements.

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PPF Training Plan

The first day

  • Theoretical discussions of working principles and conditions.
  • Familiarization with basic tools and types of foil.
  • Washing the vehicle and preparing the surface for wrapping.
  • Vehicle dimensioning.
  • Preparation of foil, both panels and templates.
  • Practical gluing on smaller, simpler elements such as door handle recesses, mirrors, lamps.
  • Assessment of wrapping, checking the work done, corrections, discussion.

Day two

  • Practical wrapping on larger elements such as door sills, hood, bumper.
  • Gluing corners, cutting edges, wrapping foil.
  • Assessment of wrapping, checking the work done, corrections, discussion.
  • Presentation of certificates, applications, farewell.

*if necessary, we will also discuss issues related to pricing and marketing and sales of services

Price of PPF training

The price of the CarbonQ PPF Expert training is PLN 3,000 net (+ VAT). The training lasts 2 days, i.e. 16 working hours. The training price includes lunch and hot and cold drinks. You have all the necessary accessories and equipment at your disposal - just bring comfortable clothes and a good mood. The date is booked based on a 30% advance payment, i.e. PLN 1,000 net.

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Post-Training Support

Our training program, developed over recent years, will allow you to implement a new service in your company with the full commitment of the students. We also know that everyone learns at their own pace. Every car, every case is different in terms of complexity.

We would like to inform you that we will not leave you to your own devices after the training. If you leave our gates and need our help with a specific project, please contact us. We will send you one of our specialists who will come and help you with your order, while sharing his knowledge.



You contact your guardian. You will find it in the contact tab.



We determine the details of implementation, i.e. date, place and scope.



An accredited technician helps you with the job at the designated place and time.

PPF Training Dates

There are currently no training sessions on our calendar. Check back soon to see if any new ones appear.

Reviews about our PPF training's

Aleksander Peć (AP Studio)

PPF Armor. One of the cooler and more enjoyable films I’ve had the opportunity to work with. Customer service and communication are top-notch 💪. Cooperation with CarbonQ will definitely last a long time. I highly recommend it.

Maco Detailer

As for PPF film, it’s a very good material, ceramic coatings are fantastic, and dealing with Grzegorz is top-notch. I recommend it.

Michał Janda

Both ceramic coatings and PPF film are at a very high level. In the training center, fantastic people with a vast amount of knowledge, the training itself is of a very high standard. Quick contact, fast quotes, and fast shipping are just some of the many advantages of this company. I highly recommend it with full responsibility ✌️.

Patryk Socha

I highly recommend it. Our cooperation has been going on for a long time, there have never been any problems or surprises. Packages arrive on time, technical support and advice with every order. I highly recommend it again.

Tomasz Pereczkowski

I recommend it to everyone who wants to learn how to use PPF foil. The training brought a lot of knowledge and showed what people have shortcomings. I recommend!!!!!!

Viva Car Detailing

Reliable company 🙂 Our cooperation is going smoothly, although it’s only been half a year, but all the time moving forward 🙂 Our supervisor is Grzegorz – who is always willing to help and advise. Thanks

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