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Support for car dealerships and dealer groups

Is your company planning to introduce car protection services to its offer?
Do you require practical and technical support and training in the field of protection and selling services? Do you expect comprehensive assistance from an experienced partner? Let's talk PPF, coatings and business!


Our Products

Paint Protection Films

We offer the highest quality paint protection films (PPF) that have self-regenerating properties, improve appearance and provide excellent hydrophobicity. This is the most effective solution available for protecting your car's paint.


Ceramic Coatings

We also offer 2 types of ceramic coatings (9H and 10H) dedicated to professional detailers. Each of them provide advanced paint protection, perfect look of the paintwork, simple washing and easy and quick application. Click “more” to get more information.



PPF patterns cutting software

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  • Permanent, annual or monthly cost of the license
  • No cutting limit
  • Possibility of cutting out patterns with other PPF brands
  • 100% Compatibility with plotters of leading brands (including: Graphtec, Roland, Summa)

We assist interested companies with the purchase of a plotter, configuration and implementation training.

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PPF Training

Due to many years of experience, we invite everyone that is interested in training of PPF installation, ceramic coatings and detailing. In the deluge of today's offers, we are characterized by an individualized approach to students, small groups, no limits on the material used, 100% practice and the highest quality.

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Our Partners

If you want to protect your vehicle with the highest quality products, contact the nearest Authorized Installer. If you are a detailer or wrapper and you are interested in cooperation, please contact us directly. In addition to the highest quality products, we offer full technical and substantive support, training and assistance in the implementation of orders for less experienced installers.

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Who Are We?

CarbonQ is a manufacturer of the highest quality PPF (Paint Protection Film) and ceramic coatings. Our products are the result of the knowledge and work of a team of qualified technologists, chemists and enthusiasts.

About us

Over 15 years of experience in car cosmetics, detailing and wrapping, supported by cooperation with many partners around the world and a well-developed sales network. As CarbonQ distributor in Europe, we provide our partners with not only the highest quality protection products, but also full technical and substantive support, training and assistance in installing PPF for less experienced installers.

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